Preparing for university

When it comes to making decisions about post-secondary pathways, having clear goals and being informed about the myriad of unique options is of the utmost importance.  Often, students apply to the institutions and programs that they have heard the most about, before fully researching the best fit for them as individuals with unique strengths and interests.  Choosing a post-secondary destination is a major life decision which is worthy of careful research and reflection; students and parents will receive ongoing support in navigating this process through both the guidance and advisor programs at Pickering College.

Students at Pickering College are equipped with the skills and resources to begin the process of researching post-secondary options through the guidance curriculum during their Grade 10 year.  An important first step in this process is for students to begin reflecting on their interests, skills, values, and aptitudes.  In order to begin to streamline their academic and extracurricular efforts towards more specific post-secondary and career goals, students are supported in developing the self-awareness needed to begin to discover the best fit for themselves as unique individuals.  Students will also learn to navigate a wide variety of resources that will help them to explore their options, formulate academic and career goals, and develop the action steps necessary to move forward in achieving these goals.

By their Grade 12 year, every student should feel equipped to navigate the application process and confident that they will not only be accepted to one of their top post-secondary choices, but will be highly successful once they get there.  Programs offered at Pickering will engage students in:

  • Accessing detailed information about specific careers, post-secondary institutions and programs
  • Exploring international opportunities
  • Understanding the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements, as well as the requirements for admission to post-secondary programs
  • Understanding the processes for applying for, and competing for their programs of choice both within Canada and internationally
  • Planning ahead for additional post-secondary requirements such as standardized testing (e.g. SAT, ACT, LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, IELTS, TOEFL) and supplementary forms
  • Refining their research in order to make final decisions
  • Creating an educational plan for their high school careers
  • Exploring the myriad of extracurricular, summer, new, and unique opportunities that will enhance their educational experience and contribute to the achievement of their post-secondary goals

We are dedicated not only to providing individualized support for students through each stage of their research, but also to engaging students in meaningful learning throughout the process; making well- informed decisions will instill a sense of confidence, accomplishment, and excitement about the path ahead, promoting  life-long exploration and thoughtful career planning.