Working with your child’s advisor

At Pickering College, your child’s advisor is your direct link to the school. He or she is your first point of contact when you have questions, concerns or comments and helps you to find the information you require. As such, the advisor plays a key role in helping you feel involved and active in your child’s education, even if your child is living far from home. The advisor discusses academic needs and goals, leadership, social activities, personal health and wellness and the traditions that go along with being a student at Pickering College with your child. He or she holds advisor group meetings with your child and other advisees every 2 to 3 weeks, with group eating lunch together three days a week. As a result, the advisor gets to know your son or daughter in a personal and meaningful way. This relationship is a key component to the personalized education your child will receive at Pickering College.

To maximize this relationship, it helps the advisor to get to know you too. What were your reasons for choosing to send your child to Pickering College? What would you like to see her gain from the experience? What concerns, if any, do you have? Is there anything going on in your child’s life that the advisor should be aware of? This kind of information will help the advisor to serve your child in a tailored way and to better respond to your questions. For best results, it’s important to contact your child’s advisor as soon as questions or concerns arise. Your child’s advisor is there to facilitate the sense of community that has always been an important part of Pickering College. That community is not just limited to staff and students – it extends to parents as well.

For more information about this revolutionary program call the school at 905-895-1700 ext 285.