Getting ready for kindergarten

The first day of Kindergarten can be a big step for children and their families. Here are some tips to help prepare your child for the big day:

  • Relax. Children are keenly aware of their parents’ emotions, so if you’re nervous and anxious about the start of school, your child is more likely to be too. Instead of sharing your concerns or worries with your child, focus on the positive. Talk about all of the new friends he will meet, the new toys and play equipment he’ll get to use and all of the fun activities he’ll do at school.
  • Put the worksheets aside. You don’t want to create unnecessary pressure for your child, so forget about drilling the sounds of letters or writing skills into her before the first day. Instead, look for fun ways to slowly build your child’s skills. Have a child who goes crazy for construction? Point out the letters on construction signs or count the pylons surrounding a construction site. Talk about the shape of a stop sign or the colours on traffic lights. Let her practice writing her name with finger paint or practice using scissors by cutting old magazines. Look for creative ways to combine your child’s natural interests with shape and letter recognition, writing skills, fine motor skills and counting. Have fun together!
  • Socialize. Developing and strengthening social skills is a huge component of kindergarten. Help prepare your child by arranging opportunities to play with a variety of children. Have fun role-playing different situations that might arise in the playground and work with your child to come up with effective ways of dealing with situations. For example, “What would you do if another child had a toy that you really wanted to play with?”
  • Familiarize. If you know other families with children starting Kindergarten at the same school invite them for a play date. Each new Junior and Senior Kindergarten student at Pickering College will be invited to come to the classroom prior to the first day of school. Returning Senior Kindergarten students will be welcomed at the Welcome BBQ. If new families have questions prior to the first day of school, they can address them at the Kindergarten Open House on September 4th at their designated appointment time. For more tips on kindergarten preparation or to arrange to meet your child’s teachers, contact Pickering College at 905-895-1700.