About Us

Pickering College is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Founded in 1842 as a Quaker school, and established in our current Newmarket location since 1909, the mission of Pickering College is to be a leader in education, inspiring individuals to become enlightened citizens who meet high standards for lifelong growth and learning. We develop and instill in our students the attributes, values, knowledge, self-confidence and the courage to be successful in life. Our students not only develop strong academic skills, but they develop social consciousness and leadership skills in order to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

At Pickering College, we provide a nurturing, supportive and enriching 21st century learning environment for all students. We educate and develop the whole child through a focus on academic excellence, co-curricular distinction, character and leadership development, and by providing an individualized approach to student learning. We know our students and ensure that they are supported and encouraged to meet their individual needs and accomplish their dreams.

Educating and developing the whole student is a shared responsibility (staff, faculty, parents and alumni). Our teachers are caring, empathetic and innovative. They enable each student to develop his/her intellectual, creative, spiritual and athletic potential. Our students are well-rounded individuals who balance a variety of opportunities, feel connected to the school community, and experience personal fulfillment and meaning in their lives.

Our programs build on the special strengths of our community: the personal and individual attention we provide our students; the safe and supportive environment; and the diverse cultures and experiences within our community, including leveraging the strengths of our boarding program.

Pickering College offers all students from JK to Grade 12 exceptional and meaningful learning opportunities through its distinct co-curricular program which is a fundamental part of each student’s school experience.  If students are to be successful leading a balanced and purposeful life, they must explore and develop their skills and talents beyond the classroom. This program encourages students to participate in a myriad of activities whose common ground is passionate engagement: competitive athletics, recreational sports, diverse clubs, community outreach opportunities and artistic, musical and special interests. The co-curricular program inspires students to strive for excellence, develop imaginative insights and innovative ideas, and to act on their beliefs. Students experience the joy of effort, the ability to create, feel empowered and a sense of accomplishment.

The teacher advisor program, Morning Meeting, family-style lunches and family-based residence program foster a spirit of community and a caring, friendly environment in which our students thrive. High ideals, such as respect, teamwork and social responsibility are learned as students participate in the opportunities that are offered at the school.

At Pickering College, we remain true to our founding principles, values, mission, history and traditions. Our school culture is stronger than ever, students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni have pride in the school, and feel valued, engaged and connected. We are a compassionate community with extraordinary students who achieve remarkable outcomes every day.

A Pickering College education is one well worth investing in. Our graduates are well prepared for what lies ahead: post-secondary education, as contributing citizens of society and leaders in their chosen community and/or workplace. Pickering College students are knowledgeable, skilled, confident and resilient and able to reach their full potential, achieve their personal and academic goals, and deal effectively with the challenges of life.

If this is the education that you desire for your child, contact Pickering College today. We would be happy to provide you with more information and a tour of the school. Visit www.pickeringcollege.on.ca or call 905-895-1700 ext. 259.