Preparing for YOUR moment

There is a well-known expression that says, “We spend our lives moving toward a moment of moral clarity and the rest of our lives explaining why that wasn’t the moment.” But how will you know when it is your moment? Will you know what do with … [Read more...]

“What I do finds me”

Many years ago I attended a conference in which the keynote speaker was a woman who specialized in conflict resolution. But this wasn’t just any old conflict resolution between a couple of people who were disagreeing about how to get along … [Read more...]

Silence yields great insights and firm resolve

One of our practices in Morning Meeting, that comes from our Quaker origins, is the use of silence. To many of us, silence might seem like an inactive state, in which nothing is happening. Our world is so filled with noise that sometimes I believe … [Read more...]

Always find a way to be kind

Today I want to share a secret with you that, if followed, can make your life better than you ever imagined, can improve the lives of the people around you and can, ultimately lead to world peace and prosperity. Yes, in the next five minutes I will … [Read more...]

Living Life To The Fullest

You often hear a phrase when someone passes away, that they “lived life to the fullest.” What do you picture when you hear that expression? I believe we have a cultural bias that leads us to picture people climbing mountains, or skiing down … [Read more...]

The Pillars: Part II

In 1998 the Friends Council on Education (FCE), the US-based Quaker association of independent schools, published a study entitled, “Embracing the Tension: The Evidence for Conflict as the Locus of Moral Growth.” This document was the result of a … [Read more...]

The Four Pillars

There are many Pickering College traditions, and today I’d like to speak about perhaps one of the most prominent icons of the school; something that strikes each of us as we approach the school for the first time – the four  Pillars! If you check … [Read more...]

Welcome to Pickering College

Last week we began a new school year, and, as has been the case for generations of Pickering College students, one of the highlights of the week was our Opening Meeting for Worship.  One of the defining qualities of Pickering College is Morning … [Read more...]

Citizen or Taxpayer

So here’s my take on the Mayor of Toronto situation. I’m not going to add to the already copious commentary about the appropriateness of the actions he has taken or what should or should not be done – lots of people smarter than me have already … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day Service

Faculty and Staff, Students, Parents and Guests - Welcome! Today we are gathered together to commemorate Remembrance Day - a memorial day set aside to remember the soldiers  of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty. This service is … [Read more...]