Getting ready for kindergarten

The first day of Kindergarten can be a big step for children and their families. Here are some tips to help prepare your child for the big day: Relax. Children are keenly aware of their parents’ emotions, so if you’re nervous and anxious about … [Read more...]


Creativity means conceiving of, or bringing forth, new things or concepts. Best-selling author and world renowned speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, maintains that creativity is as important in education as literacy and numeracy. After all, today’s students … [Read more...]

Making the most of parent teacher interviews

At Pickering College, educating and developing the whole child is viewed as a shared responsibility between staff, faculty and parents. Parent teacher interviews provide an opportunity to discuss how your child is progressing and what kind of support … [Read more...]

Working with your child’s advisor

At Pickering College, your child’s advisor is your direct link to the school. He or she is your first point of contact when you have questions, concerns or comments and helps you to find the information you require. As such, the advisor plays a key … [Read more...]

Preparing for university

When it comes to making decisions about post-secondary pathways, having clear goals and being informed about the myriad of unique options is of the utmost importance.  Often, students apply to the institutions and programs that they have heard the … [Read more...]

Choosing the right school for your child

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Parents today are looking for a school that provides an individualized approach to teaching and learning. It is critical that a school fosters an educational … [Read more...]

Local, homemade and fun: how nutrition enhances learning

Study after study has confirmed that good nutrition improves learning skills, particularly when memory is required. Poor nutrition has been linked to lower test scores, inability to concentrate and grumpiness. There is no debate that kids are happier … [Read more...]

Commitment to lifelong learning

As the pace of cultural and technological change quickens, it is more apparent than ever before that we all must be learners for life. Part of the vision of the Ontario Ministry of Education is to give students the skills they need to pursue lifelong … [Read more...]