What is an independent school?

Independent schools are elementary and secondary schools that have a distinct educational mission and are independently governed by an elected Board of Directors. While many follow provincial curriculum, schools can also offer the International … [Read more...]

Class size

Class size is an important component of a positive learning environment. When classes are smaller, teachers are better able to know their students and to assess their individual learning styles and needs.  This means teachers are able to … [Read more...]

Safety tips for Halloween

What could be more exciting for children than the mystery of a crisp fall night when imagination reigns, friends and neighbours constantly ring the doorbell and rules about sugar consumption are temporarily on hold? It’s easy for safety to fall by … [Read more...]

What to bring to your home away from home

Congratulations! You’re heading off to boarding school for the first time. The very first thing to pack is your sense of adventure and community because you are about to become part of a warm, vibrant and supportive environment. At Pickering College, … [Read more...]