F is the new A

From a Morning Meeting talk with the Senior School. I was looking through some old files on my computer the other day and I came across a quotation from the American author and humorist, Mark Twain. He said, “Good judgment is the result of … [Read more...]

Building Resilient Communities

I had the great privilege to be invited to an event last week called, “Building Resilient Communities Through Innovation”.  It was billed as “a session dedicated to brainstorming creative solutions for driving innovation and fostering a vibrant … [Read more...]


They are called many things, by many people: common, cut, canoe, carpet, casing, corrugated, double-headed, finishing, horseshoe, square, wire, veneer, roofing, gutter, ring, shake, brass, coffin. They are one of the most common elements that … [Read more...]


I shared the following thoughts with the Senior School students on September 11.  Well, today is the anniversary of the infamous and tragic day – September 11, 2001.  The seminal moments in our lives, or in our collective histories, are often … [Read more...]

Passing the Torch

The new school year is upon us and Pickering College is up and running. The various activities and events last week marked the start of our 172nd year as an educational institution. Registration Day, the annual Barbeque, the first day of school, the … [Read more...]

My Dinner With …

The 9th Annual Spring Luncheon was held earlier this week. Although I am usually the lone male representative present, it is a day I enjoy very much. I am always asked to bring words of welcome from the school and here is what I shared this … [Read more...]

The Arts

On Friday evening, Pickering College hosted the 5th Annual, “Newmarket Celebrates the Arts” Gala. Co-hosted by Mayor Tony van Bynen and Regional Councillor John Taylor, the Gala event is intended to raise funds to be distributed as grants for “The … [Read more...]


I spent the latter half of this week at the Headmaster’s Association Annual Conference outside of Philadelphia. The Headmaster’s Association is a group of 100 heads of school from across the United States and I was invited there to “bring greetings … [Read more...]

At Seventeen

I think for any of the adults who read this, there is a inclination to have forgotten the tough parts of being a teenager. Whether through the human propensity for selective memory or the cognitive tendency to suppress the bad memories of our lives, … [Read more...]

Failing to be Creative

One of my favourite writers is Pat Conroy. Author of such well known books as “The Prince of Tides”, “The Great Santini”, and “Beach Music”, Conroy writes evocatively and honestly about growing up in the South, broken families overcoming tragic … [Read more...]