Integrative Thinking

This past Thursday afternoon was the monthly faculty meeting. It is in these meetings, and during the professional development days spread throughout the year, that the faculty work to address the initiatives of our strategic plan. One of the main … [Read more...]


This past Wednesday was a very unique and special day – December 12, 2012. Apparently many people consider it to be a very lucky day and, as a result, there was a rush of weddings. Here is what I shared with the Senior School in Morning Meeting (with … [Read more...]

The Finest Generation

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of watching our Grade 3 class do a presentation in Morning Meeting about their goal to raise food for the hungry in Newmarket. I think anyone watching that presentation would have been impressed by how … [Read more...]

Spend Time With Great People

Most of the literature on developing one’s leadership abilities includes an admonition to ensure that you develop yourself personally; to save time for yourself; to nourish your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves. Stephen Covey … [Read more...]

Time Passages

I was shopping on Thursday evening and as I left the store I was confronted by a festive looking sign – the kind with interchangeable numbers – that said, “31 days left”. Although it didn’t say until what, obviously it was referring to the countdown … [Read more...]

The Path to Purpose

At the school’s Annual General Meeting this past Wednesday night I made reference to Daniel Pink’s 2009 book “Drive”. It is a book about what motivates people in the workplace and it challenges the traditional assumptions about the role of extrinsic … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day

I find it interesting that the older I get, the harder the Remembrance Day Meeting For Worship at school hits me. For years as a teenager, and then as a young adult, Remembrance Day came and went and while I respectfully observed the moments of … [Read more...]


I spent most of the last week out of the school – out of the province actually – doing an accreditation visit at another independent school. This is one of the best professional development opportunities available to an educator and it gives some … [Read more...]

Classroom of the future?

The Globe and Mail has been running a series of articles for the last week or so under the broader theme of “Our Time to Lead.” One of those articles was forwarded to me earlier this week with the title, “Classroom of 2020: The future is very … [Read more...]

Misty Optics

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending the Yonge Street Quaker Meeting’s Bicentennial celebration. Yonge Street Quaker Meeting is the focal point and place of worship for the Quaker residents of Newmarket and area and the … [Read more...]