Golden Boys

There is no question; today is one of my favourite days of the year! It is the kick-off to Reunion Weekend and what makes it so special is that it is the “Golden Boys” Luncheon today. By definition, our “Golden Boys” are those alum who graduated 50 … [Read more...]

The ideal of a city

Three of the most important readings (actually two readings and one hymn) of the school are “The Athenian Youth,” the hymn “Jerusalem” and the Scripture Matthew 5, 14-16 – “You are the light of the world. A city build on a hill cannot be hid”. All of … [Read more...]

The power of silence

The following was something I shared with the Senior School students in Morning Meeting this week. One of our practices in Morning Meeting, that comes from our Quaker origins, is the use of silence. To many of us, silence might seem like an … [Read more...]

Go as far as you can see

One of the great parts of this job of being Headmaster of Pickering College is the opportunity to engage with alumni from all of the years gone by. While it is fantastic seeing my old students and catching up with how they are doing, it is also … [Read more...]

The soul of teaching

“From The Archives” The following is something I wrote for the old school newsletter, “Foundations” in 2003. It proved to be very popular and it is something I share each year with the new staff during Orientation Week, because I believe it … [Read more...]

The real new year begins the day after labour day

I was speaking to a parent during Registration Day and we both agreed that the real New Year begins the day after Labour Day. Forget about January 1st; for most families . . . really for anyone involved in school life . . .  the cycle of the year is … [Read more...]