Preparing for YOUR moment

There is a well-known expression that says, “We spend our lives moving toward a moment of moral clarity and the rest of our lives explaining why that wasn’t the moment.” But how will you know when it is your moment? Will you know what do with … [Read more...]

How values build community and self-esteem

According to parenting expert Barbara Coloroso,  our children need to be able to see us take a stand for a value and against injustices, be those values and injustices in the family room, the boardroom, the classroom, or on the city streets. She also … [Read more...]

Family Dining

Research supports the idea that the “family that eats together stays together.” Statistics are showing that pre-teens and teenagers who sit down to eat with family five or more times per week have lower rates of smoking, drinking and drug use than … [Read more...]

What is Morning Meeting?

Each day at Pickering College includes a time to gather as a community in Morning Meeting. Staff, teachers and every student participate in this time. Morning Meeting serves a very practical purpose: attendance is taken and announcements are made, … [Read more...]